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Friday, January 20, 2017
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Requirements to become a PROSPECT for membership in Fellowship Of Cycle Disciples LBL Chapter"
1. You MUST be a born again Christian and a member in good standing with your local church.

2 You MUST be in attendance at 2(two) consecutive club meetings to be considered as a prospect.

After this initial requirement is met you may order your small front patches for your vest.
If you are faithful to attend Club meetings, and take part in rides and activities,
after a period of 3 to 6 months the full patch members will vote on your acceptance as a fully patched member.
Only fully patched members may vote on any matter.
Below you will find a list of our expectations of prospects and members.


You are expected to wear your vest with your patches properly sewn on.

We will have a monthly ride that will be planned by the Road Boss. 

President and Vice President will be planning charity rides, etc. as opportunity arises.





Club Meeting Requirements


The following are the requirements for Cycle Disciples LBL Chapter on non-attendance of meetings and the proceedings of discipline for continued failure  to attend monthly meetings.
Here is the procedure that will be used for Fellowship of Cycle Disciples LBL Chapter:
Miss 1 meeting, we will inquire about your circumstances.
Miss 2 meetings, there will be a written reprimand.
Miss 3 meetings, there will be a face-to-face verbal reprimand.
Miss 4 meetings your back patch will be pulled. If you are not a
fully patched member, your name will be dropped from our roster.
Let us cooperate with one another and make Cycle Disciples LBL Chapter something of
which to be proud.
This was voted on and passed unanimously by those present on the July 30th, 2011 meeting.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Bobby Rager, President 

Club meetings will be at Rocky Ridge Baptist Church unless otherwise noted.               
All Club meetings will be held on the fourth Saturday of each month unless otherwise noted.

 You will be expected at all club meetings unless there are extenuating circumstances.