Canton Baptist Church
Sunday, March 26, 2017
People Reaching People for Christ

Upon Arrival


As you walk through the doors you will be welcomed by friendly greeters who are more than willing to answer your questions, help you find a seat, or guide you to the correct classroom. You will discover that our fellowship has a family-like atmosphere, where people will approach you to welcome you with open arms and make your acquaintance.



 Worship Attire


The pastor dresses formally. For those who attend worship services, some people choose to dress up, and others attend church in their blue jeans. We love and welcome people of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and appearances. There are no strangers here!



Church Facilities


Canton Baptist Church is located on the shores of Lake Barkley. Our worship center has a classic appearance on the outside, and inside the sanctuary has a comfortable, contemporary feel, decorated with banners; and all the facilities are immaculate and clean.


The sanctuary seats approximately two hundred fifty people, and there is a large fellowship hall and classrooms below. Behind the main worship center is another building where our youth center is located, having couches, games, kitchenette, restrooms, teaching space and instructional technology. The church offices are also located in this rear facility.



Worship Services



We consider our present worship style traditional, having a welcome, announcements, prayer, hymn singing, offering, special music, proclamation of the Word, and an altar call.


Our music is unique in today’s fast-paced world, as we sing the old time gospel hymns. Our musicians are very talented, and include and an organist and pianist. The music is lively, as everyone enjoys singing.

Canton has some exceptional musicians and vocal talent who enjoy sharing their God given talents with all.