Canton Baptist Church
Sunday, March 26, 2017
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Youth Permission Form


I give permission for my child to attend regularly scheduled youth activities sponsored by
Canton Baptist Church. I understand that this slip will be used for the 2010 church year.
I will be informed through the bulletin or from my child when activities are scheduled.
I also understand that my child will not be permitted to go with the group if this form is not
returned to the youth directors. I also understand that my child will need spending money
for meals, etc.Youth: You will be informed when you can take a guest to an outing.
That guest will also need a permission slip signed by their parent or guardian.
Your parent
cannot sign their permission slip. You will also be informed through
the bulletin or your teacher or the youth directors when an outing is planned.
Sometimes there may be attendance requirements and you will not always be
permitted to bring a guest.
Any questions please feel free to call us.924-5227


 Yes my child has permission to attend youth functions with the Canton Baptist Church
youth group this year. My signature confirms that I will not hold Canton Baptist Church
or it’s leaders responsible for any accidents or problems that may occur. I give permission
to the youth directors to seek medical help for my child in case of an emergency.

Name of Child_______________________________________

Parent’s Name________________________________________________

Parent’s Signature________________________________________________

Daytime Telephone Number________________________________________________

Nighttime Telephone Number ______________________________________________

Any medical problems or allergies please explain on the back of this form.

Insurance Information:

Policy Holder _________________________________Name of Insurance Co. _________________________

Policy Number/group number _______________________________Please attach a copy of the insurance card.

FOR GUESTS OF CANTON YOUTH:  Please also fill out the bottom of this form.

Activity attending: ______________________________________________________  Date:____________________

Guest of:_________________________________

Age:_________ Grade: _______  Birthday: _____________